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I’ve been working with BookSleeve lately. It’s a .Net API for interacting with Redis, a fast key-value store / distributed cache / data structure server. Redis is very nice and very easy to work with, and the API that BookSleeve provides is both as simple as it could possibly be, and deeply performant – all

Using MySQL with Linq to Entities

If you’re thinking about using MySQL with Linq to Entities, just don’t. The provider from mysql.com can’t handle subqueries, outer joins, or anything else I’ve tried with it beyond simple, one entity selects. Please let me know if there’s a killer EF provider for MySQL that I’ve missed somewhere.

Consolidated Dependencies

Dependency injection (DI) is a very useful technique, especially when it is used consistently throughout a system, but it’s beyond the scope of this post to discuss its virtues – Martin Fowler’s article is a good introduction. DI comes in several flavors, but two of the most common should be mentioned. Constructor injection, in which


I had the pleasure of attending the Microsoft MIX conference this year. It was my first MIX, and I have to say it was very, very useful. When you’re working with the MS technology stack, it’s extremely helpful to get a sense of what MS wants to focus on, what they think is the important

Tech Note: Finding All the Assemblies Available to Your Application

I sometimes have .Net library code that needs to work both in web applications and in console or service applications. The differences between the two environments, even for a library, are sometimes surprising. For example, I recently needed to find all the assemblies available to (i.e., in the same folder with) the application. My first