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Snap on Windows

Snap is a web framework for Haskell. Here are some notes on what I had to do in order to make it work on Windows. Caveat emptor, your mileage may vary. Hopefully this is of use to someone. 1. Install the Haskell Platform. You want version 2012.2.0.0 or later. 2. Install Git. You’ll need this

Real World Haskell

When I learned Haskell, there were hardly any books on the subject at all, and those that did exist weren’t really targeting professional software developers. So I wound up learning primarily from academic papers, which was a struggle, as you might imagine. I am happy to report that the need for that sort of thing

Why Isn’t Cabal Installed with GHC?

Given that installing Haskell packages is painless with Cabal and often exasperating without it, why isn’t it just included by default in a GHC install? Seems like an easy step to take that would make a huge difference to the user community, especially new users. Are we supposed to use the new (beta) Haskell Platform