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Building an Azure Web Site Application, Part 2: Diagnostics and Logging

In the previous article, we created a very simple starter web application and published it to Windows Azure. In this post, we’ll look at how to diagnose problems with that application. Since we’re deploying our application to Azure , we don’t have access to the Windows event log, or to log files that we might 

Building an Azure Web Site Application, Part I

In this series, I’ll be discussing the process of building a simple, but complete, .Net 4.5 web application, and how to host and manage it in Windows Azure. We won’t be skipping anything in this series – this will be a real application that will be live on the web, so it will have to

Snap on Azure

Yesterday I started experimenting with Haskell on Azure by putting up a Snap server. It doesn’t do much, it’s just the default starter application you get when you do “snap init,” but it’s up and running on Azure. Here’s how it works. Start with the latest Haskell Platform. Then install the Snap packages with cabal.