I’ve been working with BookSleeve lately. It’s a .Net API for interacting with Redis, a fast key-value store / distributed cache / data structure server. Redis is very nice and very easy to work with, and the API that BookSleeve provides is both as simple as it could possibly be, and deeply performant – all the methods return their results as Tasks, so the API is as asynchronous as you want it to be – you only have to Task.Wait for the results you need. Also, Marc Gravell provided immediate and very helpful support when I ran into an issue (mostly of my own making).

One thing to keep in mind, though – the connections BookSleeve creates are multiplexers, so for a web app, you may as well just open one connection and leave it open for the life of the app. I initially made the mistake of opening and closing a connection for each request, but Marc explained that’s useless overhead for this scenario.

If you need to work with Redis and you’re in .Net, give BookSleeve a try!

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