Using MySQL with Linq to Entities

If you’re thinking about using MySQL with Linq to Entities, just don’t. The provider from can’t handle subqueries, outer joins, or anything else I’ve tried with it beyond simple, one entity selects. Please let me know if there’s a killer EF provider for MySQL that I’ve missed somewhere.


  • Hi Bryn,

    we’re working on Ferry, technology that compiles LINQ-style program fragments into (small) bundles of executable SQL queries. A very capable and efficient LINQ to SQL provider has already been built on top of Ferry. This provider avoids the infamous 1+n query problem and employs a truly compositional compilation strategy that does not restrict the way in which you may combine the LINQ SQOs (of which the Ferry-based LINQ to SQL provider supports significantly more than the .NET-provided one). On top of that, we respect the order semantics of the LINQ data model. Laws like

    Concat(Take(n, e), Skip(n, e)) = e

    make sense again. Ferry is agnostic when it comes to the choice of back-end — any SQL:1999-capable RDBMS will do.

    LINQ to Entities is on the radar now.



    (Side note: The Ferry compiler is implemented in Haskell.)

  • @Torsten: Very interesting, thanks for sharing!